Financial Aid in Geneva

A brief summary of all the assistance available in Geneva

Allowances and grants: Eligibility and applications

I live in Geneva and have a modest income. Can I get help?

What benefits and/or subsidies can I claim?
Allowances, subsidies and other assistance can be granted to private individuals according to two basic criteria: personal income and family situation. For example, family allowances are only granted on the basis of the family situation of the people concerned.

If you have dependent minor children (up to the age of 18) or young adults (between 18 and 25) who are still students or in training, you are entitled to family allowances. The amount can vary between 300.- and 400.- Swiss francs per month. This variation is based on your family situation and the personal situation of all your dependents or responsibilities. In this case, the person with the higher income will be the direct beneficiary of benefits and/or subsidies.

Health insurance

You are also entitled to health insurance subsidies. In this case, the allocation is made automatically when the tax administration of the Canton of Geneva issues your tax return. But please note: this is the declaration for the two years preceding the subsidy application. For example – to qualify for a health insurance subsidy for the year 2022, the information on the tax return for the year 2020 will be used as the basis.

For more information, click on the link below:
General information Health insurance subsidy.

Housing allowance

The third type of assistance you can obtain ishousing benefit. It’s a little more complicated than the two aids mentioned above.

Why haven’t I received my health insurance subsidy for this year?

When are health insurance subsidies not automatic?
These are very specific cases:

  1. When people have too high an income – if your income exceeds the scales mentioned in the first point above, don’t bother applying for a subsidy, you’re not entitled to one.
  2. When people have too low an income – if you have an annual income and you can’t get by.
  • Single people without dependent children – Fr. 15,000.
  • Couple, no dependent children – Fr. 20,000.00
  • These figures will be increased by CHF 30,000 for each dependent child.

You need to make a specific request to detail your means of survival on such a low income.

Young adults (18-25): you need to make a specific request.

People taxed at source: in general, subsidies are not awarded automatically, but it does depend on whether you have your tax rectification at source or not. You can then apply for health insurance subsidies using the online forms.

RM Solutions can also help you with the process.

Newcomers to Geneva: as you do not have your tax return from the 2nd previous year, the authorities do not have the necessary data to allocate you a subsidy. You’ll need to fill in a form to tell them about your current situation. If your situation changes following your application, you must notify the Health Insurance Department so that they can recalculate your subsidy entitlement.

The amount of the subsidy varies each year, and you can apply up to November 30 for the current year. In the case of a late but timely application, they will retroactively reimburse you for every month since the beginning of the current year.

I think my rent is too high for my salary. Is there any special rent assistance available?
Housing allowance. Housing benefit may be awarded according to very specific criteria, such as income, rent, number of rooms and number of inhabitants. For more information, go to Demande Allocation Logement to apply.

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